Tuesday, 12 June 2018

year eight leader ship camp

Recount includes a series of events
A variety of sentence structures have been used (simple/compound/complex)
Adverbs have been used (swiftly, happily, etc)
Includes reflection on the event - I felt… because...
Includes at least 3/5 senses (see, smell, hear, feel & taste)
Includes a variety of punctuation (. ! ? , “ )

Every year the year eights go to a leadership camp and train to be better leaders.
And this year I got to go on this camp along with the year eights of 2018.

I was most excited about the activities that we would do, there was  archery,air rifles,paintballing and much more.

But one of my favorite activities was the go cart.
As I waited in line for what felt like all day it was finally my turn I put a helmet on and got in and started  driving,
It felt like I was going  100 miles per hour as I flew past the cones mud flicked from the front tyres on to my face now my vision went blurry.

I had just pass the start line and I could barely see were I was going
I drifted  around a sharp corner  and swerved around a cone finally
But sadly my turn was over.

D MIC Problem solving

Introduction to decimals

Half the class is with Mrs. Salu while the other half work on                  independent activities

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Number chart

Today I didn't read a book to my baby sister I helped  my baby sister start counting I’ve made up my own chart from 1 - 10.  Check through my images to see if I’ve covered them all...watch out I’ve done a number twice. 
What do you think I should teach her next. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Little red rocking hood

This is a picture of me reading to my sister.  Isn’t it great that at the age of 3 months you can be read to and enjoy it!  The best thing about reading to my sister today is that if I get a word wrong she wont correct  me.

Monday, 16 April 2018

The very cranky bear

Today I read a book too my baby sister
and it was called the very cranky bear.
This book is about a zebra loin sheep and a moose.
all 4 animals try to make the bear happy but all they do is make him more cranky.

I hope you go on to reading this book.