Thursday, 6 December 2018



This year our parting koha for pt England school we have  designed  and painted our own kowhaiwhai. These will be mounted permanently as our koha as year 8 of 2018.
I've called my artwork  ko au\me it has symbols that represent my family.   

The green and yellow pattern in particular  represents my baby sister Noelle.
The steps that I took to produce this are
1.I had to sketch my design on paper first
2.Then I painted my sketch
3.I drew the same sketch on the wooden board
4.Then I painted the wooden board

And the photo that you see is my finished  project. 


  1. Oh Jay I love this I can't wait to see the final product and I hope I'm in your drawing? am I the bottom yellow part? LOL
    I love you j keep up the amazing work

  2. Justus I cannot wait to see this mounted onto our building at Pt England School. I love that you've thought carefully about what you could draw to represent your family members. All the best for college Justus, work hard and ask plenty of questions when you need to! Strive to succeed!


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