Thursday, 24 September 2015

the bull chase

It was a sunny day in russia. A man was walking down the street with his brand new bright red t-shirt. He was going to the beach and as he was passing a new zoo he caught out of the corner his eye that they were putting a bull into the zoo. The man carried on walking down the deadly street. Suddenly the bull started running towards him after breaking the cage open. The man was terrified. He ran quickly to his destination. As he was running he saw the beach. He didn't want to get his new t-shirt wet so he took his it off before he jumped off the dock into the salty water but the bull still went after him. Quickly he swam as fast as he could. He was swimming for his life. The bull tired swim after him but sadly he started to drown and disappeared under the water. The bill was never seen again but the man lived happy ever after. He decided to never ever see, walk past or go in a zoo ever again.  

Thursday, 3 September 2015

plane of Africa

It was a beautiful sunny Africa day. I was flying my enormous paper plane over Africa. Big black clouds suddenly came over my plane and it started to rain. My engine turned off. I shouted “Mayday mayday, we are going down.” Three men were walking and they saw a big black shadow, and the shadow was the plane. The three men started running for their lives. They were terrified. Just as the plane was about to hit them it swoops up and down and collapses into a soggy mess.