Friday, 12 June 2015

The most delicious burger

Today Mr Baxendine and I were experimenting with a new program called VoiceNote which records your voice as speech. Here is our story.

We think McDonald's should create a new type of hamburger. They should put in ten pieces of cheese or 20 and make it very healthy by putting one piece of lettuce in it.  They should put in the burger lots of tomato sauce instead of tomatoes. In the new burger there should be options of food that you can put in it like Kentucky Fried Chicken and extra KFC chicken skin.  Also there should be lots of extra ordinary mayo. To make our burger extra delicious they should put in 10 onion rings.  I would buy this burger full $10 but they should give it to me for $5 because I created it.


  1. Wow Justus! I think I gained weight just looking at that picture. Justus, I think you have been watching too many episodes of Man vs Food?! I would much prefer a healthy salad :-)

  2. I agree with dad - to a degree, I would never eat a salad - but boy oh boy look at that burger!
    I do love your description of the burger, that new tool sounds perfect for you.
    Share heaps more stories Justus!

  3. Justus Tele'a YOU ARE THE MAN, this is by far MY FAVORITE FAVORITE BLOG POST, I love that your superhero saved poor people, I think you deserve a whopper from BK:)

    Love you so much