Thursday, 18 June 2015

Burger Hero

A spaceman bravely walks out into the icy milky way. His mission is  to feed all of the people in Africa because they are poor. If he doesn’t complete the mission then the people
will die.He enters the icy milky way suddenly there was a big roar. He turned around and saw a BIG ginten in his way he looked left & right but gittens were blocking his way.
Ding an idea caym in his head. I can turn on  my rokit boost & fly to BK and get 2$ wops.
He landed on earth right next to the best BKs in the world. it just got made yesterday and I
hear that they upgrad the wops and made it look like a Big Mac And guess where it is made? it was in the safe place in Auckland GI. He brought six million burgers and packets of chips. Then he flew to Africa and feed the six million sad starving people. So he complete his mission and became a superhero.


  1. Justus Tele'a YOU ARE THE MAN, this is by far MY FAVORITE FAVORITE BLOG POST, I love that your superhero saved poor people, I think you deserve a whopper from BK:)

    Love you so much

    P.s I accidentally commented on the wrong Blog post

  2. good work and the bruger looked nice to have.


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