Thursday, 24 September 2015

the bull chase

It was a sunny day in russia. A man was walking down the street with his brand new bright red t-shirt. He was going to the beach and as he was passing a new zoo he caught out of the corner his eye that they were putting a bull into the zoo. The man carried on walking down the deadly street. Suddenly the bull started running towards him after breaking the cage open. The man was terrified. He ran quickly to his destination. As he was running he saw the beach. He didn't want to get his new t-shirt wet so he took his it off before he jumped off the dock into the salty water but the bull still went after him. Quickly he swam as fast as he could. He was swimming for his life. The bull tired swim after him but sadly he started to drown and disappeared under the water. The bill was never seen again but the man lived happy ever after. He decided to never ever see, walk past or go in a zoo ever again.  


  1. Very engaging story Justus! From the opening sentence it had me very excited to see what was going to happen next! What happened to the mans bright red t shirt? Perhaps it was the t shirt that attracted the bulls attention so he took it off and threw it away! Keep up the great writing uso! :- )

  2. How did the bull get out of the cage? Very scary.

    I am so pleased you post this story on your blog after we talked about it yesterday. Way to go Justus! You are a superstar Champ!

  3. thank you for commenting on my amazing blog commented on my blog a long time ago
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