Thursday, 6 March 2014

Top Schools

On Sunday I went to Top Schools. There were seven children in my team - we were called “Super Seven”.
The first game we played was the Sponge Race. Then we did the Boot Throw - we had to throw a boot onto a plastic plate. The best game was the Ski Run. We had to wear enormous jandals. I was the team leader and I had to call either black or yellow and the team had to lift up that coloured foot. We fell over three times.
 It was a fun day at Top Schools.



  1. Woo hoo! Go Justus I love how you describe your skis as 'enormous jandals'. I love the photo you have here - taking charge! I can see that your dad is looking pretty proud there in the background too. I'm loving all your posts here Justus. Keep up the good writing. Love you lots. Mum

  2. Hi Justus - it's mum again! How could I not say something about the new look of your blog! I love all your artwork on display here. Funky shoes, kayaking, erupting volcanoes and helicopters. Very cool Justus Leiloa! xx Love Mum

  3. WOW Justus - it sure looks like you had an amazing day at Top Schools and I'm glad you were able to share your experiences on your blog for others to read! Mrs Belt/Class 20

  4. Well done to the Super Seven! Yous showed great heart and teamwork on the day! Which was your hardest event Justus?


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