Friday, 25 August 2017

Dogs or Cats ?

One sunny afternoon I was walking with my dog around the block. Suddenly I saw  another dog running towards me It looked like it was going to bit I was petrified  my dog bark and growled at the dog the dog turned around and ran the other way.That’s one reason why dogs are better than cats.

another reason why dogs  are better than cats is that dogs can protect you if you are in danger.  For example if you are going for a walk with your dog and someone comes up to you and says “give me all  your money your dog could protect you by barking and biting at the thug who was trying to rob you. A cat would probably run away or not even care at all. A dog can also protect your house while you are away, robbers won’t want to come in if they can see a big dog guarding your house. But if the robbers saw you had a cat  they wouldn’t care and again neither would the cat.

Dogs are also great company. Have you ever heard the saying a Dog is man’s best friend? That’s because dogs they are loyal and loving. I bet you have never heard the saying a  cat is a man’s best friend! That’s because it doesn;t exist, cats are not a man’s best friend. Cat’s only look out for themselves.
So when it comes to decision wether your going to get a dog or a cat you should allways  get a dog.Image result for Dogs or cats


  1. Oh man I think this is my favorite blog post of yours J:)

    Just wish Dog's went put their own poo in the bin aye? LOL

    Love you and your Dog Coco:)

  2. Hi Justus,
    This is a really good argument of why dogs are better than cats. Dogs do eat a lot more than cats so are more expensive. However, I find cats annoying. If I had to chose, I'd have a dog.