Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Art Work

I have learnt to put detail in my work sometimes. The hardest part of my painting was drawing the pencil lines. My favourite part of my painting is that I put my best effort in to it. To improve on my artwork I need to work on self management - all the time.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman National Park is located between golden bay and tasman bay which  It is near cook strait and neison the . the own le Animals that is their is wild pig’s goats possums deer and dolphins. at Abel tasman people do camping and go for a tramp

My Reflection

What did I enjoy? Making the movie for Human Angry birds was heaps of fun.

What did I not enjoy? Writing on my chromebook because it is too hard to use the keys.

What new things have I learnt? I have learnt how to post things on my blog.

How do I feel about my year in 2014? Pretty happy about my year because I have learnt heaps of stuff and I know that I will be a brainy kid.

What was the most interesting thing we did? Being a human Angry Bird was so much fun and taught us lots about physics.

How can I learn better in 2015? I need to keep working on self management.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Miter Peak

Mitre peak is located at the bottom of Te wai pounamu in Fjordland National was named Mitre peak because the moutains looked like a Bishop’s hat. there really are 5 mountains that look like one mountian all together.Mitre peak rises out of the water and is 2000m tall.many touists visit milforod sound on boat every year.