Thursday, 3 September 2015

plane of Africa

It was a beautiful sunny Africa day. I was flying my enormous paper plane over Africa. Big black clouds suddenly came over my plane and it started to rain. My engine turned off. I shouted “Mayday mayday, we are going down.” Three men were walking and they saw a big black shadow, and the shadow was the plane. The three men started running for their lives. They were terrified. Just as the plane was about to hit them it swoops up and down and collapses into a soggy mess.


  1. I do like this story starter Justus. I look forward to seeing what happens next...
    I also like the way you drew on paper your graphic about the paper plane.

    Mrs Burt

  2. The suspense you build in the story is awesome Justus. I love the way you've used the words to help me "feel" the story. Cool idea about the rain destroying the paper plane. I love your imagination.
    Miss King

  3. Cool story Justus. Love the way it ends in a soggy mess. Perhaps you could do a video to go with this writing where you film the plane soaring through the air and collapsing. You could use your writing as your voice over.
    Mrs J


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