Thursday, 23 April 2015

Holiday Highlight

  I went to my nanas house during the holidays.
         On the way to my nanas house we stop for Chicken & Chips.
          When I  bit into the  chicken it was oily and super crunchy.
         When I got to my nanas house i played on my PS3.
          The first games that I played was call of duty I win all the rounds .
          There was only 10 minutes in each three are people called bots and they kill me
          sometimes but I still won.

           It was getting late so we had  dinner .
           we had KFC my nana told me want I wanted from KFC
           I told my nana that I wanted a bucket of hot wings. After that we watched CSI on television.

I was all fun but the best was playing call of duty.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Year 5 & 6 Camp

We had camp last week.Only the year 5s & 6s went.
It was at PT ENGlAND school on our field.

First i went kayaking. My team was the all stars and we had to
learn a few tips of paddling. I’ve been kayaking only 2 times. it was fun.
On the last day of our camp we went to Mangere pools. I had chicken roll for lunch. After that I waited for 5 minutes then I hopped back into the pool. My favourite part of the pool was the volcano it was really fun.