Monday, 14 August 2017

Speech reflection

Last week I said my speech to my class. Today I will be shearing my reflection my speech.

Have you ever left your phone at your house and you are waiting for an important message .
Well that was me last year .
Teachers say that phones are bad for you education, and destruct you when you are at  school. But  sometimes students don't  use there phones to do anything bad.

. Here are some reasons why phones should be aloud at school.  what happens if there is an emergency and your parents are trying to call you. Also Students take more than one subject in a day, and they have" heaps of assignments which they have to finish on time. So it is very important for these students to use cell phones as reminding gadgets.And If you are waiting for an important email and your phone is at home like me`  then how can you check it.
Teachers say that your parents should always know where you are, and if your cell phone is at home you can’t call and tell your parents where you are going or where   to pick you up as well. So that is my opinion on why should cell phones should be allowed at schools.


  1. A nice confident reflection Justus. You were able to identify the things you did well and the things you want to work on. Great work Justus, I' looking forward to hearing your next speech.

  2. THE MAN!!! J I loved your speech J spoke so well, nice and clear and real good pace ooshh, your reflection was awesome too, looking forward to you sharing your speech again with us at Nana's, well done again J, you make me so proud, love you so much baby.