Friday, 27 June 2014

My New Machine

My machine is called the Pineapple Lumper. It takes me wherever I want to go.

You just tell it where to go and it will go straight there.

Everyone should buy one because  it gives you free food

And it has thousand of dollars packed away in it.

So you  will never get poor again.


  1. This sounds like a Willy Wonker machine! I would certainly like to have one.

  2. Hi Justus,
    WOW - a lolly making machine. Chris (Mr Bush) really likes pineapple lumps but we wondered if the machine could make jaffas as well. We wondered if it could make a new lolly - a mixture of pineapple and orange (like a pinejaffa) - you could invent a new name.

    Love Mr. and Mrs. Bush

    Mr and Mrs Bush

  3. Hi Justus, WOW. Chris (Mr Bush) loves pineapple lumps but I wondered if it could make jaffas as well. Maybe it could make a new lolly - from the pineapple of the lump and the orange of the jaffa. It could almost be a tropical flavour - a 'pinejaffa'

    Love Chris (Mr Bush) and Mrs Bush