Monday, 30 March 2015

My best birthday ever

My favorite birthday was I turn 9 years old .
Me my family and friend went to jump for my  birthday.

There was a Dodgeball court & a little basketball  court.
  But my c part of my B day was eating.
We had fish fingers wedges squid rings and sushi.
But my my favorite food was the squid rings.


  1. Hi Justus! I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday.
    You didn’t mention the yummy bbq chicken fillets that were on the menu as well :)
    Who’s birthday is coming up next in our family?
    Do you want to help me plan it?

  2. Hi J,
    Yes I loved your party it was so much fun, can't wait for your next party:)
    Is your dad making his famous Chicken?
    Love you