Wednesday, 29 March 2017


It all started with a scientist named doctor Jeff.
Doctor Jeff  was trying to make a cure for Ebola but instead he made a recipe for madness.
He accidentally tipped the formula  on himself and in seconds he  formed into a zombie, gross smelly and dangerous.His eyes were popping out of  his head,and his skin colour turned dark green.His colleagues were petrified, a man who had worked with us  for years had just turned into a zombie right in front of my eyes.One of His workers yelled RUN!!!

They all sprinted for the door but it was too late for one of  them, Doctor Jeff well zombie Jeff had all ready bit one of the workers. The virus had spread all over the world country to country.To Tonga to Samoa to Cook islands to Fiji to France to India to USA to UK all over the world. New Zealand was the only country left.

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  1. haha I loooveee this J, keep up the creativity

    Love You


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