Thursday, 10 April 2014

Fiafia Performance

Walking on to the stage I was really nervous. When I looked at the crowd in front of me I saw heaps of dark faces. The oil dripped off my legs because I was sweating way too much.


  1. I always enjoy the unique spin you put into your stories Justus. Keep working hard at crafting great sentences Justus.

  2. Hi Justus, my name is Allison and I am an EDM510 student from the University of South Alabama in the United States. You have done a nice job of descriptive writing on this post. I too have stage freight and tend to sweat way too much when i have to perform in front of a crowd. What did you do to get past your nerves? I just try to look past all the faces and make them blur together so that I don't see the individual people. If I do that then I can pretend I am the only one there and it helps. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey my uso! You looked more excited than nervous when I snuck up on you before you went on stage. You were awesome!


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