Tuesday, 9 February 2016


What is another name for jandals flip flops and thong . Why are jandals also known as flip flops. When was the first jandal made and by who world war 2 When do people mostly wear jandals summer What are sandals made out of?


  1. Hi Justus! That's a pretty big jandal...I'm thinking it must be dad's? ;) I'm looking forward to seeing what the answers are to these really good questions. I love reading your posts! xx mum

  2. What are some of the many uses of jandals apart from wearing on your feet? ;-)

  3. thank you mum and dad for leaving me a comment,
    jandals are good for creaming a cake.

  4. HI Justus,
    I love wearing jandals - in fact if I do not have bare feet then I chose jandals everytime. Wish I was allowed to wear them to school. My grandchildren in Melbourne think we are funny calling them jandals - they call them 'flip flops' or 'thongs'. I told them they need to learn to use the word 'jandal' as they are half kiwi. I wonder if there is a Croatian word for 'jandals? Thanks for the great blog - I enjoyed it

    Love Mrs Bush