Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Number chart

Today I didn't read a book to my baby sister I helped  my baby sister start counting I’ve made up my own chart from 1 - 10.  Check through my images to see if I’ve covered them out I’ve done a number twice. 
What do you think I should teach her next. 


  1. OMGGGG Justus you are the best big brother ever, this is the coolest chart I have seen, is the number you doubled up on 6? lol or is it Noelle she represents the number 1 too? can't wait for mum to print this chart for her, keep up your awesome posts J:)

  2. This is fabulous Justus. You are the BEST big brother. I think it is important to teach her lots of songs and I'm sure you're doing this already. Maybe you could find photos or images that represent a song?

    Mrs Burt

  3. That's really nice to see you teaching your baby sister already J. She's going to be just as clever as you when she starts school. Whatever you teach her, I know you'll do a great job.

    Love from Miss Lavakula